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June to August -
Summer Enrichment Camp
as low as $10 per class

Ai Studios gives you the freedom to select Summer Fun Enrichment Camp Programs for grades K - 12 . Each class is one hour long, you get to select one of our programs each hour in the course of the day. This exciting summer program is designed to make each day fun, exciting, and unique.

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September to June -
After School Enrichment
as low as $10 per class

Ai Studios gives you the freedom to select After School Enrichment Programs for grades K - 12. Each class is one hour long, you get to select one class of our various programs each hour, during the after schoool period. This exciting after school program is designed to be fun and inspirational, bringing out hidden talents, and developing life long skills for future career opportunties.

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April 1 - “Girl Scouts Painting Badge”

On Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, Ai Studios and the Girl Scouts worked together to receive their Painting Badge at the Rockaway Valley School in Boonton Twp. Artist / Muralist Antoinette Coppola Feinman spoke to the girls of GSNNJ Girl Scouts Northern New Jersey Boonton/ Boonton Twp Service Unit, Troop 5617 about what inspires her as an artist . . . Click Here for More.

March 22nd - “Bloomingdale's Spring Children's Fashion Show”

On Saturday, March 22nd, 2014, Ai Studios partnered with Bloomingdale's for their annual Young World Spring Fashion Show. This fun event for children, their families, and friends featured real kids walking the catwalk wearing this season's new fashions. Click Here for More.

January 24th - February 21st 2014 - “Cedar Hill Elementary (Towaco, NJ) After School Enrichment Program”

Ai Studios introduced for 4 weeks at Cedar Hill School in Towaco NJ, a series of after school enrichment programs, which featured such classes as: Advanced Drawing, Fun With Clay, Let's Doodle and Draw, Perler Beads, Science Experiments, and Sewing Fun.

Starting in 2013 to present - “Rockaway Valley School (Boonton Township, NJ) After School Enrichment Program”

Ai Studios introduced at Rockaway Valley, in Boonton Township NJ, a series of after school enrichment programs, such as Fun With Clay.


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Welcome to Ai Studios

Ai Studios, a developer of after school and summer enrichment programs, offers many unique versatile programs for all children. Our programs are created to inspire and illuminate, bringing out hidden talents, and developing life long skills and future career opportunities. We offer many different skill enhancing classes that can be customized to suit an individual's specific needs. We are fully insured and the instructors are experienced professionals. We develop enrichment programs tailored to the children and their school and local community needs.


Ai Studios Offers Unique, Real, and True
Academic & Artistic Enrichment Programs

Our adult staff is trained, qualified individuals with teacher certification who create unique, engaging, imaginative, real and true Academic Enrichment Programs. Our programs are designed to enhance academic and artistic skills and talents needed for self-improvement, to build self-confidence, and to enhance social skills.

Owner/Operator on site.


Enrichment classes have proven to:

- help students enhance their creativity,

- improve their power of concentration,

- develop and expand critical thinking skills,

- boost memory and retention, and

- achieve superior academic performance.


Additionally, they have been shown to:

- augment problem-solving capabilities,

- provide cultural enrichment,

- advance intellectual maturity, and

- enhance self-esteem.


The Benefits of Ai Studios After School and Summer Enrichment Programs are:


For the Students – Provide quality Fine Art, Performing Arts. And other after school and summer enrichment programs to students of New Jersey Schools and their local community in general. These programs would give the students artistic, cognitive, and developmental enrichment; keep them safe and out of trouble; help them to improve their physical activity level; allow them to have fun with their peers; inspire them to develop their newfound skills and talents for future career enhancement, provide the opportunity for self empowering future career development, and give them pride and self-satisfaction in their achievements.


For the Parents – Provide an extra-curricular base of enriching programs in a secure and safe environment (directly in the schools the child is already attending); limiting the amount of travel time back and forth, saving time and money. Also, to prepare their children for a brighter future by discovering and enhancing their skills and talents in areas that would have been previously overlooked and under developed, if at all.


For the Schools – Provide a financial reward to the school for allowing their empty classrooms to be used after school and in the summer; keeps parent/school relationship positively focused; continues the further education of the students without placing a burden on the schools staff. The financial rewards generated can be invested directly to that school hosting our enrichment programs.


By developing strong character, self-respect, and self-confidence in the students as they discover and develop their skills and talents, our enrichment programs will lead to a more focused, well-adjusted, and engaged student body that is proud of its achievements.


By partnering with local schools and making needed resources available, the enrichment program will have a direct impact that will:

• Provide a fun and safe place for students during after school and summer hours.

• Provide positive interaction with caring adult role models;

• Encourage and develop life skills, respect for others, and positive social interaction;

• Introduce and engage youth in positive, potential life-long pursuits;

• Provide an Arts focus that develops cognitive skills.


Ai Studios Enrichment programs will:

• Support an active learning environment in the school;

• Provide a balanced lifestyle for the students;

• Effectively increase physical and mental health, wellness, and fitness for youth;

• Potentially decrease boredom and potential behavioral problems.


We offer after school and summer programs directly at the school locations in the Fine Arts, Sculpting, Fashion Design, Digital Arts, Writing, Acting, Dance, Theater, Wellness, and a variety of other creative classes for young children. Our programs include partnerships with organizations (Boy Scouts and Brownie Girl Scouts), colleges, universities, art schools, and corporations, such as Bloomingdale's, in addition to working with local schools to better enrich students.


We also provide specialized tutoring in all scholastic subjects, including SAT and ACT. Also we create individualized special studies programs for gifted or advanced students. Please contact us directly for more information and rates:


We would love to offer our after school and summer enrichment programs to your school systems, public or private. Please contact us for additional information.


Please contact us via email:


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Creative Painting Class - Mia, 12 years

Creative Drawing Class - Julia, 15 years

Sewing Class - Gianna, 14 years

Sculpting Class - Carra, 14 years

Little Enginerring Class

Wild Science Class

Sewing Class - Kaitlyn, 14 years

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